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Rainforest-covered hills, unspoiled mangrove areas, white sand beaches
on 43 of its 61 km coastline: Koh Rong (The Rock Island) is definitely
a paradise within the Gulf of Thailand.

With only 4 small village communities – Koh Touch, Doeum D’keuw, Prek Svay and Sok San (see our map) –, the island remains far remoted from mass tourism and over-development. Just compare its 3,450 permanent residents and 15% of its 78 km2 in hotel development to Koh Samui in Thailand (73% landmass in resort properties) or Vietnamese Phu Quoc (59%).
No wonder the popular TV reality shows Survivor and Koh Lanta have elected Koh Rong for shooting the 
adventures-in-the-wild programs from 2012 till 2016.

With its mountainous range culminating at 316 meter high, the island’s landscape is diverse, mostly graced with native flora, and ideal for consistent beach time.

Did you know that Koh Rong Island is about the size of Hong Kong and yet the island is still 80% jungle with no infrastructure installed!

Therefore, Sok San Beach Resort is really proud to offer facilities that very few places on Koh Rong Island can offer due to the lack of infrastructure. Whilst we consider ourselves a nature resort we still want guests to enjoy the comforts of home while enjoying the beauty and solitude that this stunning paradise island provides. We have installed our own generators to provide 24 hour power, fibre optic cables for wifi from the mainland and other means of infrastructure to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Should some of these facilities occasionally fail we ask for your patience and understanding due to the isolation of being on an undeveloped island in a still developing country. Many of our services and products must be ordered and provided from the mainland of Cambodia.

We are going green!!

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Sok San Beach Resort is proud to say that we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and working towards saving the natural beauty of Sok San Beach on Koh Rong.

As part of this commitment we have drastically reduced our use of plastic on a daily basis and are continuing to develop more ways to do so. One of our main initiatives is to stop the use of plastic bottles, therefore we provide refillable glass bottles in your room.

We have also joined the “refillnotlandfill” initiative which aims to cut down on the millions of plastic water bottles discarded in South East Asia each year by offering customised, reusable aluminium water bottles. We are selling these bottles for $5 – not only do they contribute to cutting down on plastic wastage – they are a great momento of your time
at Sok San Beach Resort.


– No straws (unless you request).

– Recycling bins which you will see around our property (your contribution by disposing of your rubbish in the correct bins is appreciated). 

– Compost (all leftover food is put into compost)

Clean up the World Event/Days (we participate in the annual World Clean up day as well as having our clean up days which our whole team gets involved in). 

– Staff Education (we are training our team in the benefits of reducing plastic and contributing to a greener environment for the sake of future generations). 

We are continually looking for ways to contribute more to a greener/sustainable environment so if you have any suggestions/feedback please feel free to speak to one of
our management team.


Sok San Beach Resort believes in supporting and assisting local Cambodian staff with further education and training for a brighter future, therefore we have partnered with Don Bosco Hotel School to provide on the job practical training for their students.

Don Bosco believe in “supporting the disadvantaged Cambodian youth in providing them a thorough education in the hospitality business and offer them a high quality professional education that prepares them for work and for life”, hence we are very proud to be affiliated with Don Bosco School.

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